“Are you ok?” “Yeah, you?”

Is there any pair on Lost in which the above exchange occurs more frequently than with Jack and Kate? So, they’re on a deserted island where safety and well-being are vital qualities to secure towards your fellow survivors. We get that. But with Jack and Kate, it means so much more than that, and in a way that speaks to their emotional connectedness, their powerful bond. They get each other, they're concerned for each other; it isn't just to check for boo-boos. Looking at how many times they’ve had this exchange over the years, it’s clear that it’s a well-worn pattern that looks good on them.

I know there's more...somebody help me out. I can't remember.

“Are you with me?”

A more personal, intimate approach to asking someone, “Hey, you got my back?” Saying, “you got my back?” is something you could easily say to your bro without posthumously wondering if that sounded slightly homoerotic. “Are you with me?” has a more emotional give, and in the instances Jack and Kate have said it to each other, the landscape was intimate, hushed and complex. It wasn't always so much about the situation at hand as it was about them, their trust and love for each other.