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"One of Them" is the fourteenth episode of season two. The flashbacks are all about Sayid and how he knows both Kate's peepaw and the dude who knows lots of jokes about penguins or snowmen or whatever. He also has some fro-y flashback hair.

Episode Recap

Sayid is srsly bad at lying. But good at eenglish and beards.

In the beginning of the episode, Ana Lucia comes running out of the jungle looking for Jack, but Sayid is like LOL IT'S JUST THE FRENCH CHICK I AM GOING TO BANG HER DON'T TELL ANYONE she's sort of a beast but i'm lonely.

So then he bangs her, or something dumb, and it's just like no one cares. Rousseau is like "no please do me i have something that will help you" and sayid's like "ew."

HOT DAMN! This is also the episode where SOY-YAAAW KILLS AN INNOOOCEEEENNNTT FROOOOG!! That dick. It's also the episode where they find HENRY GAAAAALLLEEEE!!!

ho shoot man this episode is awesome. Henry Gale is loltastic and awesome. Poor benry gets shot through the heart, and rousseau's to blame...she gives love..a bad name. Yeah you know it.

Hurley also gets pissed at Sawyer who is a dick and wants to kill a frog, and tells Sawyer that no one likes him. Jack almost makes out with Ben but then doesn't, and...I don't know. This episode has like zero Jate in it. I don't think Kate is even in this episode. All I know is that everyone on the show knows that Jack is probably the most holy of them all. He heals people and is not always right about things.

But he totally gets pissed that Sayid and Locke are going to torture the shit out of Benry and that's okay.

Yeaaaah Kate's not even in this episode. Except when her peepaw is transporting old-Sayid and has a picture of young Evangeline Lilly.