Guava Seed Rating: 1


"Maternity Leave" is the fifteenth episode of season two. The flashbacks are all about Claire when she was absentee-o and preg preg during season one.

Episode Recap

How well can anyone write an episode about recovering amnesiac memories? It's okay Lost writers, it's okay.

Jack and Kate are in a scene together though!! OMG! Kate protects Claire and Aaron from Rousseau like a hero and then Jack wanders in and is all "cute butt i mean baby's fine." And then Kate's all "Jack has such a cute butt I mean yeah Jack's right."

Eko is still alive and still cutting down trees, and then Sawyer has guns and new glasses and makes Kate tell him DA TRUTH about something even though she hates him because of him conning her.

Aaron looks like he ate too many more red crayons and then Claire is a bitch to Sun about her not having any baybays.

Kate and Claire and Rousseau all braid each other's hair and get on the same cycle and then all realize this is a token lady episode. And then there's no Jate.