Guava Seed Rating: 3


"MOSMOF" (pronounced: moss-moff) is the first episode of the second season of Lost. It featured the flashbacks of Jacky-poo, and therefore, is awesome. This is the first episode in which hunk-boat Desmond appears. It's also the second time Kate counts to five and the millionth time they yell each other's names ad nauseam.

Episode Recap


"Yeah I think going in the hatch is a bad idea."


"Ha ha! Oh Jack we both know what's going to happen. You'll still come after me, yeah?"

Ehh, the episode's all good and whatever but no one cares because we've all seen it a million times. Jack is still a doctor in the flashbacks, but with crazy FLASHBACK HAIR!1! He meets the chick we see him marrying in Do No Harm and find out how weird it is that their relationship started. So creepy. Jack's flashback hair is so creepy.


"Oo, I'm counting and it's making me horny."

But! BUT!! It is good for Jate because they love each other. Mwaah. No but rully they do. Because Jack decides that they're not going to go into the hatch they blew open in Exodus, Part 2 and then he makes an awesome speech back with the group and then Locke decides he's going into the hatch anyway and then Kate decides she's going to go with him and then Kate goes in first and then she has to count to five because it's scary and she misses JACK but then she gets TAKEN! and it's freakin scary but before Locke can tell Jack that Kate's been TAKEN! Jack decides he's going to go PROTECT HER~~

So he goes and jumps down the hatch and all he's yelling for is KATE! and with an afterthought of (...locke) and then he finds this ROOM and then Desmond puts on some MUSIC but you can hear KATE!'S voice yelling JACK!! over the music but Jack can't because he's shouting WHERE'S KATE at (locke) and then Desmond says "bruthaa" and Jack's all WTF MATE I SAW YOU IN MY FLASHBACK and then it's over.



It's just nice to see them so concerned with each other.