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Jughead is the 4th episode of the fifth season of Lost. This episode featured the flashforwards of Desmond. Realizing that they're caught in an uncontrollable skipping record of time travel, the Left Behinders try to make sense of it all, not die, and maybe get around to fixing everything. They're mostly stuck in the 1950s, where they encounter a young Charles Widmore and a giant hydrogen bomb. Desmond, meanwhile, has a baby named Charlie (after the drug addicted rock star slash HERO and not the lame pompous father guy) with Penny, and sails around on his boat trying to...I dunno, figure something out. And now...onto the Jate recap:

If this episode were a postage stamp, it would say "RETURN TO SENDER"


Something tells me you just found a your pants.

Yeah there was no Jate in this episode. Although, the bomb (named "Jughead" I KNOW THEY'RE SO WITTY WITH THEIR EPISODE TITLES) is eventually buried beneath the Swan station. Jack and Sayid unknowingly find it right before Jack (this is what I'm paid for) finds Kate in the shower!

Epic Jate connection...