Guava Seed Rating: 4


"Everybody Hates Hugo" is the fourth episode of season two. The flashbacks are all about Hurley winning the lottery, pissing off Locke's bank manager, and trying to mac on ladies. Everyone starts finding out about the hatch, and we find out more about the Tailies.

Episode Recap

So it's mostly boring except for this SWEEET dream sequence for the first two minutes. Then Hurley's in charge of all the food and he freaks out about responsibility of being in charge of everything. Churley are totally cute in this episode.


Kate is on button-shift and she feels like gettin nekkid, at the same time Sayid and Jack are playing rats-underground-tag when they HEAR SOMETHING!!?1 Jack is the super hero so he hops out to check it out, and there's like steam on the floor?!! He opens the door and...


Kate's wrapping a towel around her nekkid nekkid bod. Jack is immediately bashful, and what ensues is the power of adorable Jate. They joke about the shower pressure and Kate keeps dropping her bra, and Jack tried not to look at how !! exposed her leggies are... Then Jack doesn't move out of the way when Kate needs to squeak past him, and she drops her voice when she tells him that she'll leave the shampoo for him. Jack is grinning like a high school puppy dog. THEY'RE FLIIIIRTTTINNNGGGG!!

So cute.

Also, in the final sequence, after Hurley divvies up all the food and gives it to everyone, Jack and Kate are seen in montage eating some sort of...thing. But they're laughing and then Kate steals some of Jack's food and Jack gets mock-flirty-grumpy and then steals some of Kate's food and then Kate GIGGLES!! and it's way too freaking cute. The end.