Season 1

# Image Episode Title Guava Seed Rating Flashback
01 095 "Pilot, Part 1" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Jack, moments before the crash.
Survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 attend to the injured on the beach of a mysterious Island. Jack and Kate meet, are generally super cute, then go on a Jate trek...something about this other guy tagging along no one cares.
02 014 "Pilot, Part 2" GuavaGuava Kate is the fugitive! ZOMG.
Jack, Kate and Charlie make it back safely to the beach. Later, while Kate ventures out with the others to transit a signal, Jack tends to the injured Marshal, who is still obsessing over capturing Kate.
03 1x03sittingonbeachtogether "Tabula Rasa" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava, she was booooorrnn to ruuuu-uun!! Go, Springsteen!
Jack finds Kate's mugshot while dealing with the seriously dying Marshal, assumes she's a murderer and yells at her like a jerk. Kate offers to tell him what she did when Jack calms the freak down but he tells her she doesn't have to.
04 1x04facetouchy "Walkabout" GuavaGuavaGuava This is a lame Locke episode.
As such, we only get tidbits. But Kate does get her face fondled by Jack's beautiful doctor hands.
05 1x05fireside "White Rabbit" GuavaGuavaGuava Jack goes to Sydney to bring his dad back, only his dad's now a rotting corpse.
Jack starts seeing visions of Daddy Shephard on the island, which is crazy since his dad died in Sydney. And then Locke puts Jack in a chokehold, and forces him to be leader of the 815 crew. I we get shirtless Jack.
06 HOTRS1 "House of the Rising Sun" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Sun recalls a time, in a galaxy far, far away, when she and Jin used to get along.
PARTIAL NUDITY, 'nuff said. Jack and Kate have a serious flirt-fest all episode long. It involves being partially naked, and "verbal copulation." Charlie notices what's going on between them, and it's awesome.
07 Themothhug "The Moth" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Charlie and his rock star heroin addiction. Gee, that's original.
Jack gets trapped in a cave-in and Kate has a mini freak-fest trying to get him out. And then...the mother of all HUGS.
08 CM "Confidence Man" GuavaGuava A Sawyer tip to the art of conning: con everybody, unless they have kids. Then you WALK AWAY.
Ew. Skiss. Sawyer thinks he and Kate have a connection. Jack gets jealous-ish. Sayid gives up his place in the triangle by kissing Kate on the hand. Skate is the new Kayid, apparently.
09 Jolf1 "Solitary" GuavaGuavaGuava Sayid can't find it in his cold, cold heart to torture his childhood love, Nadia.
JOLF: Part Un. Hurley builds a golf course on the island, setting up the perfect flirty Jate scenario.
10 Sinking "Raised By Another" GuavaGuava Claire gets knocked up by some jerkface.
Flirty!Jate by the ocean: "I'm sinking..." Kate misses Sayid...awww.
11 ATBCHDI "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Jack betrays Daddy Shephard, which creates a series of events that leads to why we're were creating this jiki.
Jangst to the MAX! Jack and Kate, like, totally save Charlie's life!
12 1x12katesfacemidfight "Whatever the Case May Be" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Kate shows us her sassy side.
Jate fight alert! This one is sooo good. Lies, yelling in the face, tears,'s love.
13 1x13openhands "Hearts and Minds" GuavaGuavaGuava ZOMG! Boone and Shannon have sex!!
Stalker!Jack is kinda cute. Even cuter when he surprises her with a handful of gross, slimy bluish-blackish guava seeds.
14 1x14jackyawn "Special" Guava Michael acquires Waaaaaalt after Susan bites it.
Was there even Jate in this episode?
15 1x15homecoming339 "Homecoming" GuavaGuavaGuava Cholly cons a wealthy lass before hurling into a copy machine.
Jack tries to prevent Kate from coming on an A-mission. The first of his many asshole moments. Also, wet-shirted Jack...yum.
16 1x16outlaws172 "Outlaws" GuavaGuavaGuava Another Sawyer tip to the art of conning: always double-check the identity of your target before blowing them away.
A decent Skate ep as Kate says she can get to Sawyer's gun. /totally unnecessary phallic metaphor. Also, Jack's totally jealous.
17 1x17 "...In Translation" Guava Jin agrees to work for Sun's cranky dad in order to marry her.
Everyone learns that Sun can speak English and is all like "woah." Except for Kate cause she knew already.
18 1x18Jack "Numbers" GuavaGuava Hurley, in the first of many tiresome flashbacks about his stinkin' "numbers."
Jack goes on a mission with Sayid and the crew. No idea what Kate was up to in this episode.
19 1x19Kate "Deus Ex Machina" GuavaGuavaGuava Locke gets conned by his psychotic father. One of many instances Locke gets pwned big time.
Jack didn't do it for Sawyer...Kate smiles at her ability to read between the lines. He did it for...meee! La-la-la...
20 1x20 "Do No Harm" GuavaGuavaGuava Jack marries Sarah...dude, what a mistake.
Jack goes all nutso trying to save Boone while Kate delivers Claire's baby. Juxtaposition, anyone?
21 1x21 "The Greater Good" GuavaGuavaGuava Sayid, in another one of his badass flashbacks.
Kate drugs Jack into sleeping. Man, is he stubborn.
22 1x22 "Born to Run" GuavaGuava Kate inadvertently kills her childhood sweetheart, and her mother freaks out while looking like a zombie.
Kate's fugitive status gets outed by Sawyer to the whole camp. Too bad Jack's not around to put Sawyer in his place.
23 1x23 "Exodus, Part 1" GuavaGuavaGuava What were the Losties doing before they all got on Flight 815?
Another Jate trek, this time to the Black Rock. Jack switches backpacks on Kate, and to her good fortune since she forgot to take it off before running away from Smokey.
24 1x24 "Exodus, Part 2" GuavaGuavaGuava More Losties' flashbacks on the day they boarded Flight 815.
Jack asks Kate if she's got his back, to which she says, "Hell yeah," even after he cons her into carrying an empty backpack full o' nuttin'.

Season 2

# Image Episode Title Guava Seed Rating Flashback
01 2x01 1 "Man of Science, Man of Faith" GuavaGuavaGuava Jack fixes Sarah's spine while wearing a bad wig.
Jack and Locke finally open the hatch. Locke ditches Jack for the hatch. Kate ditches Jack for the hatch. Jack ditches Hurley for the hatch. This is just a test....spacing is weird so I'm adding text to see what will happen. Please ignore this copy...tis just a test.
02 2x02 1 "Adrift" GuavaGuava Michael loses Waaaaalt in a custody suit. Susan is mean.
Kate has a choco-gasm, then sets out to save the day. Jack is shocked to learn that Desmond is the same guy whom he'd met while doing an intense tour de stade.
03 2x03 1 "Orientation" GuavaGuava Locke meets Helen in an anger management class. Angry sparks fly.
Jack and Locke watch a movie, but there's no popcorn, which makes Jack a grumpy boy. Meanwhile, Sayid knows how to fix an Apple computer that probably wasn't mass-marketed in Iraq.
04 2x04shower "Everybody Hates Hugo" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Hurley wins the lottery with the "numbers"...DUN DUN DUUUUN!
Jack catches Kate taking a hot shower. Flirty!Jate abound! Later, the two have a romantic dinner by firelight. Unfortunately, they're not alone.
05 2x05 1 "...And Found" Guava Sun and Jin...before the storm.
Dude, I don't think there's Jate in this episode.
06 2x06 1 "Abandoned" Guava Shannon - poor little rich girl.
Shannon bites it. Jack...does...something, I don't remember.
07 1x23 1 "The Other 48 Days" Guava We get to meet the Tailies. Whoop-de-doo...
We meet Ana-Lucia, who's presented as the second real obstacle in Jate's path. The first being Sawyer, of course.
08 Jolf2 "Collision" GuavaGuavaGuava Ana-Lucia - one hard ass bitch.
Jolf: Part Deux and Trois. Did anyone catch the look on Kate's face when Jack recognizes Ana's name? She looked jeealooousss...
09 JateKiss "What Kate Did" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Kate kills Wayne...ka-boom.
Kate's apparently having mental issues. She kisses Jack, then does what she does best just when it was about to get really hawt - she runs. Jack's confused, and so are we.
10 2x10 1 "The 23rd Psalm" Guava Eko goes from Nigerian druglord to Catholic priest using a DIY kit he got on the Home Shopping Network.
Where's the Jate? GOD.
11 2x11 1 "The Hunting Party" GuavaGuavaGuava Sarah ends her marriage to Jack by shacking up with someone who doesn't remind her of Jack.
"You're NOT COMING!!!" I guess Jack's still peeved about Kate being such a tease.
12 2x12 1 "Fire + Water" Guava Guava Chuck's band breaks up, causing him into a deep, deep despair.
Is there any Jate? There's a widdle bit of Jate.
13 2x13 1 "The Long Con" Guava Yet another tip from Sawyer's archive: Don't ever fall in love with the target. And always...always use protection.
Sawyer makes a play for the guns, making Jack and Locke, deservedly so, look like utter fools. He, also, straight-up lies to Kate about his part in Sun's attack.
14 2x14 1 "One of Them" Guava Sayid learns how to do nice, pleasant things like waterboarding.
Sayid, Locke and Jack deal with Benry. And Kate? Who knows...
15 2x15 1 "Maternity Leave" Guava Claire remembers Tom Cruise's creepy cousin, Creepy!Ethan.
The ladies of the island go on a estrogen-only trek. Second straight episode with no Jate. WTF?
16 Toplessjack "The Whole Truth" Guava Jin's little ones don't work right.
Ok, third straight episode with no Jate. But Sun's preggers, miraculously, and Jack loses his temper with Locke and Benry. So, what else is new?
17 Walkyouback "Lockdown" GuavaGuavaGuava Helen dumps Locke.
Finally! Hallelujah! There is a GOD. It's not exactly strip poker, but Jack does offer to walk Kate back to the beach. AWW!
18 2x18 1 "Dave" GuavaGuava Hurley has visions of Charlotte's husband from SATC in a bathrobe.
Jack and Kate are on friendly terms again, so it seems.
19 Net "S.O.S." GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Rose and Bernard meet cute in the Bronx.
Hoo-boy! Jate is officially back on. They get themselves caught in a net, and later that evening, they almost kiss, but are rudely, inexplicably, interrupted by Michael.
20 2x20 1 "Two for the Road" Guava Ana-Lucia accompanies a boozed-up Daddy Shephard to Sydney as his bodyguard. Screw Kevin Costner...Ana is HARDCORE.
Kate and Jack fondle Michael's butt. Nothing Jatey, but Ana bites it. So does Libby.
21 2x21 "?" Guava Eko's three payments of $19.99 have served him well.
Jack and Sawyer fight over whose pistol's longer.
22 2x22 "Three Minutes" Guava Michael finally meets those damn hillbillies, the Others.
Jack gives the Michael the benefit of the doubt when he agrees to Michael's super specific plan to attack the Others.
23 2x23 "Live Together, Die Alone" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava How sweet, sweet Desmond came to be Crazy-Eyed Desmond.
Jack carries Kate over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes as they're ambushed by the Others. Speaking of sacks, the two exchange meaningful eye sex before getting bags pulled over their heads.

Season 3

# Image Episode Title Guava Seed Rating Flashback/Flashforward
01 3x01 A Tale of Two Cities GuavaGuavaGuava Jack stalks Sarah after their marriage ends, then picks a fight with Dad.
Jack wakes up in a glass cage, and immediately yells for his twoo wuv. Meanwhile, Kate refuses to shower in front of Tom...uh, Kate? Not every guy in the world is into you, ok?
02 3x02Jack "The Glass Ballerina" GuavaGuava Sun is kind of a bitch, and breaks something, I don't know what it is.
Kate's all breaking rocks and stuff, and Jack's still in his glass cage.
03 Scarybear "Further Instructions" Guava Locke = wimpy weed grower.
Absolutely zero Jate, but there was this scary polar bear Locke saw during his acid trip that freaked the crap out of me! See image <---
04 3x04 "Every Man for Himself" GuavaGuava Another con tip from Sawyer: Conning a poor, helpless mama's boy will guarantee you bad karma for a long time.
Kate yells out for Jack amidst the annoying sound of the alarm, and he hears her. SOB, it's like they have ESPN or something...:p
05 3x05jack "The Cost of Living" Guava Eko, still working his mojo as a faux Catholic priest.
Eko bites it, and Jack breaks the cardinal sin of wearing white after Labor Day.
06 3x06glass "I Do" GuavaGuavaGuava Kate actually believed the Marshal would stop chasing her just cos she got married? BWAH!
Dude...Skex. But Jack makes the ultimate sacrifice for Kate by conning the Others...and we all cried.
07 NIP1 "Not in Portland" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Who would've guessed the icy, cool Juliet used to be a meek, nervous-breakdown-waiting-to-happen in her previous life?
One of the most moving Jate scenes ever: Kate tells Jack the story he told her on the day of the crash as their way of saying goodbye. SOB!!
08 3x08des "Flashes Before Your Eyes" Guava Desmond travels back in time to learn that resistance is futile.
Desmond annoys Claire, but seriously who cares? We're still choked up over the Jate in the previous episode.
09 3x09jack "Stranger in a Strange Land" GuavaGuava Jack skanks it up with Achara, who is SO not a threat, it's almost laughable.
Jack, depressed, by the Kate situation, eyes Juliet as a possible replacement. Fool. Meanwhile, Kate admits to Sawyer that she only slept with him out of pity. Jack, FTW!!
10 3x10kate "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" GuavaGuava Hurley wants to be cool, so he gets himself some daddy issues too.
Kate dumps Sawyer off at the camp, then hightails it out on a solo mission to rescue Jack. Sayid and Locke finally get off their asses and follow her.
11 3x11kayid "Enter 77" GuavaGuava Karma smacks around Sayid for once torturing a woman.
Kate, Sayid and Locke encounter Patchy, who apparently, loves watching women's gymnastics. Perv. Kate eats concrete while tussling with an Other.
12 3x12kate "Par Avion" GuavaGuava Claire goes through her head-to-toe-black-wearing, Cure-listening Goth phase.
Claire gets annoyed at Des, who keeps sabotaging her plan to capture a bird carrying a note that says: “Mah-baayh-beee!!!” Kate, meanwhile, watches Jack spike a football and makes a face like he just spiked it through her heart.
13 3x13 "The Man From Tallahassee" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Locke recalls his stint as a paraplegic.
"Nothing in the world will keep them apart" because he "will come back for her"...and he don't lie, people.
14 Halljex "Expose" Guava Pikki: pre-crash. Who cares.
Pikki: post-crash. Who cares. No Jate, so I thought I'd add a pretty, pretty pic of Jate instead.
15 3x15 "Left Behind" GuavaGuavaGuava Kate and Cass - like Thelma and Louise, only they aren't stupid and decide to live.
ROWR! The claws are out, folks...2 to 1 odds in favor of Kate body-slamming Juju into the cold, hard ground. Go Kate!
16 3x16 "One of Us" Guava Juju arrives to the island, and immediately wants to bail when she sees Ben's bug eyes.
Oh GOD. Jate crack firewood together, and Jack's an ass. He also chuckles (chuckles!!) when Juliet tells him she handcuffed Kate to her. Freakin' chuckle this, chucklehead. Juju proves herself worthy, and Jack again thinks she could...just maybe...replace Kate. Foolio.
17 Spoonlicking "Catch-22" GuavaGuava Desmond's biggest reasons as to why he can never be a monk? Wine and women, baby...HOLLA.
Kate makes a fool out of herself by licking a spoon clean for Jack. He gives it to Juliet. Kate cries, and exacts her revenge by skanking it up with Sawyer. That'll show him.
18 3x18jack "D.O.C." GuavaGuava Sun don't take crap from nobody, not even from Jin's harlot mommy.
Kate tells Sun not to doubt her man. Jack and his juicy red shirt make another appearance, and Juju proves her worth again. Dammit. We're not supposed to like her!
19 3x19 "The Brig" Guava Locke could possibly outsmart Ben. Nahh...
Locke cons Sawyer to kills Cooper. But more importantly, Kate tosses him the ol' "I can't sleep if I'm not in my own bed" line, which Sawyer actually believes or just doesn't care.
20 Scaryeye "The Man Behind the Curtain" GuavaGuavaGuava Ben used to be pocket-protector-wearin' geek. Who would've guessed?
One of the scariest episodes ever. Who is that guy with the eye that keeps popping up in the window. Seriously...stop that. See image. <---
21 3x21jackface "Greatest Hits" Guava Chuck recalls the five greatest moments of his life.
The 815 crew get ready to head out to the radio tower. Jack's such a determined little bugger, isn't he? Just look at him...
22 322FF "Through the Looking Glass" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava OMG. It's a flashforward. BeardedJack!! And featuring one of the most angst-ridden Jate scenes EVAH.
OMG again!!! Jack tells Kate that he loves her, and Jaters everywhere collectively sigh, and then cry, and then sigh some more.

Season 4

# Image Episode Title Guava Seed Rating Flashback/Flashforward
01 4x01hug "The Beginning of the End" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Hurley goes batshit crazy.
Kate gives Jack a Judas-like hug, and they reminisce over simpler times on the island.
02 4x02Jate "Confirmed Dead" GuavaGuava Charlotte, Miles, Daniel, and Frank get the FB's. We're supposed to care about them or something.
The Losties wonder whether or not they can trust the "Fantastic Four" of new people. I'm thinking no. Jack and Kate share a water bottle.
03 4x03Kate "The Economist" GuavaGuavaGuava Sayid is an assassin! Holy crap! And apparently assassinating in style with his perfectly coiffed hair.
Jack and Kate flirt on the island while Sawyer's busy punching Ben.
04 4x04Jate "Eggtown" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Kate, in her first FF, goes on trial. Jack's all hot in his suit and saves her from prison. She invites him back for sex, I mean, coffee. I mean, sex. Ok, coffee.
Kate can't go through with Skexing it up with Sawyer, then dumps his ass.
05 4x05Jack "The Constant" Guava Desmond gets a nosebleed and phones home to Penny, who's still waiting for him with presents.
Dude, I don't think there's Jate in this episode.
06 4x06Jate "The Other Woman" GuavaGuava Juliet is always TOW. To Goodwin. To Ben. To Jack. Poor Jules.
Jack kisses Juliet with lackluster and interrogates Kate about leaving to go back to New Otherton.
07 4x07Kate "Ji Yeon" GuavaGuava We meet Jin and Sun's daughter! Jin is supposedly dead, Hurley doesn't talk to the other O6 members. Oh noes!
Kate tells Sun she's being forced to tell on her by an imaginary Jack.
08 4x08Tomsmooch "Meet Kevin Johnson" Guava Michael is undercover on the freighter as Kevin Johnson. Something about Walt happens.
Can't remember if there's Jate in this one either. But shocker: Tom is gay.
09 4x09Kateboobies The Shape of Things to Come GuavaGuava Ben time travels and Keamy kills Alex and changes the game.
Kate washes her boobies in front of Jack, who would like to watch, but he’s interrupted by some rude, inexplicable stomach bug.
10 SNBHShower Something Nice Back Home GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Jack and Kate live together, have sex all the time, and get engaged. Then Jack's addiction gets in the way and they tearfully break up. Dammit. Oh yeah... and Jack's appendix comes out.
There aren't enough guava pictures to describe how Jatey this episode is. It's an hour long Squeefest.
11 4x11trio "Cabin Fever" Guava Locke could be the "Chosen One." Methinks not.
Nothing here to see folks...move along.
12 4x12funeral "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" GuavaGuavaGuava The Oceanic 6, made up of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Sayid and Aaron are rescued. Jack celebrates his father's death, finds out about Claire and Kate's already warming up to the idea of motherhood.
Jack and Kate trek after the chopper, but they get separated because of Aaron. Foreshadowing anyone?
13 4x13freighter "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 and 3" GuavaGuavaGuava The O6 Continue to deal with the consequences of leaving the island.
Kate checks on Jack's wound while Sawyer watches. He decides to extract himself out of the Triangle of Doom. Smart man.

Season 5

# Image Episode Title Guava Seed Rating Possible Centric
01 5x01photo "Because You Left" GuavaGuava The islanders cope with the effects of the island moving while Jack turns to Ben for help to get back to the island.
Jack sobers up and teams up with Ben to get the O6 back together. Meanwhile, Kate covets the good times when Jack was a part of her family.
02 5x02jate "The Lie" GuavaGuava The islanders skip through time, and Kate is shocked to learn that someone knows about her secret.
Kate ponders whether to call Jack for help, and Jack goes through television's version of drug withdrawal.
03 5x02phone "Jughead" Guava Daniel learns of a hydrogen bomb on the island.
There was no Jate in this episode. Booooring...
04 5x04hands "The Little Prince" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Kate is desperate to find out who knows about her lie as Aaron's mother.
Kate is on the verge of losing Aaron and exposing the Lie, but Jack comes in to save the day! More hand porn! Plus, we get an especially squeeworthy Jate flashback.
05 5x05Marina "This Place is Death" GuavaGuava Jin's English is vastly improved after two days of drifting out at sea, and Sun is one shady ass minx.
Kate gets mad at Jack for "pretending to care" about her and Demon Spawn, to which Jack answers with a incredulous, "WHAAAT?"
06 5x06Jex "316" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Jack and the gang make it back to the island. Oh, and he gets laid. So, you know this episode was special.
Kate shows up at Jack's apartment, sans Aaron, and dark, desperate, clothes-ripping sex ensues. Kate shows signs of buyer's remorse the next morning, but Jack makes her coffee anyway. What a saint.
07 5x04hands "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" Locke flashbacks:(
Absolutely zero Jate in this episode. The entire freaking episode is about Locke.
08 5x04hands "LaFleur" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Kate is desperate to find out who knows about her lie as Aaron's mother.
Kate is on the verge of losing Aaron and exposing the Lie, but Jack comes in to save the day! More hand porn! Plus, we get an especially squeeworthy Jate flashback.
09 5x04hands "Namaste" GuavaGuava Don't remember if there's flashbacks or not.
Triangle of doom reappears. Darn.
10 5x04hands "He's Our You" Guava Sayid goes all assassin under Ben.
Kate is upset about Sawyer and Juliet. Fool. No particular Jate.
11 5x04hands "Whatever Happened, Happened" GuavaGuava Kate gives up Aaron and we find out why she came back to the island.
Jack and Kate squabble like any other exes, then deal with their other exes - Juliet and Sawyer.
12 5x04hands "Dead is Dead" Ben talks to Locke and Penny off-island.
Nothing doing, folks. Move along.
13 5x04hands "Some Like It Hoth" Guava Miles' backstory. Boring boring.
No Jate, but Jack tries to keep Kate from suspicion and continues to let Sawyer take the lead, which Sawyer is starting to find increasingly not to his liking.
14 5x04hands "The Variable" GuavaGuava Daniel has mother problems. Desmond and Penny are lovely-dovey.
Sawyer appeals to "Freckles", but Kate decides to go with Jack instead of him when they split up to leave Dharma. She ain't here for Sawyer. Then again, she ain't here for Jack either.
15 5x04hands "Follow the Leader" GuavaGuavaGuava uh...stuff happens.
Angsty Jate. "It was NOT all misery!" They fight over changing the future. Another triangle of doom appears, but this time it's more Kate-Sawyer-Juliet.
16 5x04hands "The Incident" GuavaGuavaGuavaGuavaGuava Kate and Sawyer start their lives of deceit early, and the same man appears to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley,and Sayid at turning points in their lives.
JAAATE. Major, epic Jate.