Guava Seed Rating: 2


"Adrift" is like half boring because there's so much Michael in it. Boresville, am I right? Am I right? I'm so right. Anyway. We find out what happens to the raft (...don't yawn) and that Michael has had a really poopy life. We also see the shake-down of MOSMOFF from Kate's point of view, including how creepy Locke is. FORSHADOW ANYONEEEEe???

Episode Recap

Jin, Sawyer and Michael are all splashing about in the water, and when they're not hogging all the screentime with Mike's backstory of sadstown, they're getting mad at each other and LOSING JIN! Sawyer pulls a bullet out of his own arm and is rude about it, and they both see a mysteeeerrriioouusss shaaaarkkk. They both probably pee a little but this is not addressed.

2x02 1

Ohhh Jack I really miss sex.

Anyway. You can wake up from your nap now because the SURRIUUSS stuff is that Locke stabs Kate in the back when Locke's big dumb lie doesn't pan out with Desmond, and the fact that he didn't eat enough popsicles as a kid comes back to haunt him. So Desmond ties up Kate and shoves her in a room and then whatever-whatever Kate ESCAPES BECUZ SHE IZ FUGITIVE and then she finds the foooood rooooom and it's been a month on a not-dessert island and she likes chocolate. Nom nom nom.

But then she finds a vent! and she climbs in it and then through some slats she sees JACK! and so she yells out JACK! JACK! JACK! JACK! but he is all "computerz iz not broken yet...?" and then Locke shows up and Desmond SHOOTS at Kate! but before that Jack is all WHERE'S KATE WHERE'S KATE WHERE'S KATE!! like in the last episode and it makes you all tingly because just like Charlie...Jate doesn't care about Locke.

Michael also shoots the shark and thinks that maybe he shot Sawyer (dummy) but all iz okay. They iz big friends again by the end of the episode. But at the very end it's like WTFBBQ JIN! and he's all tied up and then has good english and goes OMGSHUTUP udders.

And they look freaky as shit.