ABC are, by now, notorious for throwing their full-on support for Jate as Lost's OTP. From their epic promo for "The Man From Tallahassee" to their fall previews featuring Jate's proposal, what have we got to worry about? ABC are definitely VIP Jaters in our book.

Fellow Jaters: If you happen to be in possession of any other promos that are not listed here, but should be, Email AB to let her know!

The "Infamous" "The Man From Tallahassee" Promo (2006)

Narrator: They have struggled to survive...together. They have faced the unspeakable...together. Chance has separated them. Nothing in the world...will keep them apart.

TMFT Promo

2007 ABC Season 4 Promo for Kate

2007 ABC Season 4 Promo for Jack

2008 ABC Fall Promo